England Tour 2003 Index 英国旅行もくじ

the Union Jack Club in London
29 Aug 2003
The Union Jack Club was built in 1904-07
and opened in 1907.
It was originally built for the soldiers
from the 2 Boer Wars in South Africa, 
to relax and recuperate from the stresses of war.

Junko met Nicolas Cage
05 Sep 2003
Madame Tussauds

01 Sep. 2003

Stonehenge was built by Neolithic cavemen
and they were avid 'sun' worshippers;
apparently it gave them inspiration
and direction in their worship.

John Lennon at the Beatles Story
in Liverpool

02 Sep 2003
I t is difficult to pin down 1 Beatles song
but 'In My Life' would certainly be one of them.

born on July 28 in 2003

We met her on 3rd Sep. for the first time.

BBQ Party in Colchester
31Aug 2003

Richard' Camera
Ros & Rich in Japan 2002

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