Rich & Ros' visiting Japan #4

WELCOME PARTY in Minamichita, Japan 06MAY 2002

Always appreciation time and friendship. I will come true in the next few years; I have wide vision, and with books video etc. then I will go on the offensive. Bravo! Hope(G.Meegan)

国際交流クラブの歓迎会/Welcome partyチッタナポリ 23F
We were highly honoured and pleased to be welcomed so warmly and gorgeously -
many thanks to Yoshio for organizing it. Meeting George Meegan and family again was an absolute pleasure.

沢田南知多町長/Mayor Sawada

with Ohta sisters

Citta Napoli
Ros' also enjoyed the whole experience.
"Napoli tower" are subarasie(wonderful!!).



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